1. adjective
((of countries etc) not independent, but dominated by another power: subject nations.) podrejen
2. noun
1) (a person who is under the rule of a monarch or a member of a country that has a monarchy etc: We are loyal subjects of the Queen; He is a British subject.) podložnik
2) (someone or something that is talked about, written about etc: We discussed the price of food and similar subjects; What was the subject of the debate?; The teacher tried to think of a good subject for their essay; I've said all I can on that subject.) tema
3) (a branch of study or learning in school, university etc: He is taking exams in seven subjects; Mathematics is his best subject.) predmet
4) (a thing, person or circumstance suitable for, or requiring, a particular kind of treatment, reaction etc: I don't think her behaviour is a subject for laughter.) vzrok
5) (in English, the word(s) representing the person or thing that usually does the action shown by the verb, and with which the verb agrees: The cat sat on the mat; He hit her because she broke his toy; He was hit by the ball.) osebek
3. [səb'‹ekt] verb
1) (to bring (a person, country etc) under control: They have subjected all the neighbouring states (to their rule).) podvreči
2) (to cause to suffer, or submit (to something): He was subjected to cruel treatment; These tyres are subjected to various tests before leaving the factory.) izpostaviti
- subjective
- subjectively
- subject matter
- change the subject
- subject to
* * *
I [sʌbdžikt]
podložnik, podanik, državljan; predmet (stvar) pogovora, téma; učni predmet; music téma; razlog, povod, vzrok, motiv (for za); človek, oseba; grammar osebek, subjekt; philosophy ego; poskusni predmet (oseba, žival); mrlič (za seciranje); medicine oseba, pacient
on the subject of — gledé, kar se tiče, kar zadeva
a subject for complaint — razlog za pritožbo
the subject of ridicule — predmet posmehovanja
compulsory (optional, additional) subject — obvezen (izbiren, dodaten) učni predmet
a hysterical subject — histerična oseba (pacient)
a nervous subject — živčna oseba, živčnež
the liberty of the subject — državljanska svoboda
a ticklish subject — kočljiv, delikaten predmet
he is a French subject — on je francoski državljan
there is no subject for joking — ni nobenega razloga za zbijanje šal
to change the subject — menjati témo (razgovora)
to drop a subject — opustiti razgovor o nekem predmetu
to wander from the subject — oddaljiti se od predmeta;
podvržen, podložen, podrejen (to komu, čemu), odvisen (to od); nesamostojen (država itd.); občutljiv (to za), nagnjen (to k), izpostavljen (to čemu)
subject to — pogojèn z, s pogojem; odvisen od (česa), s pridržkom
subject to his consent — če on privoli
subject to your approval — s pogojem (pridržkom), da vi odobrite
subject to duty — podvržen carini
subject to ridicule — izpostavljen posmehu
I am subject to indigestion — podvržen sem prebavnim motnjam
the treaty is subject to ratification — pogodba mora biti ratificirana, da postane veljavna
she is subject to headaches — ona je nagnjena h glavobolom
to hold subject — imeti v podložnosti, v odvisnosti
to be held subject — biti odvisen
II [səbdžékt]
transitive verb
podvreči, podrediti; podjarmiti; napraviti odvisno (to od); izpostaviti (to čemu); obrzdati; napraviti dovzetnega za
to subject a country to one's way — podjarmiti si deželo
you must subject it to analysis — to morate analizirati
to subject o.s. to ridicule — izpostavljati se posmehu
I don't want to subject myself to his criticism — ne maram se izpostavljati njegovi kritiki
he had been subjected to a lot of suffering — mnogo je pretrpel
to subject s.o. to a test — preskusiti koga

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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